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The Rooster Classic Hiking shorts have been designed to Southern Hemisphere standards with 10.5" batten pads and ´diamond´ neoprene to give both support and protection with longevity. The knee pads have been redesigned to give better protection and the use of more flexible neoprene behind the knee ensures a comfortable fit on all leg sizes and allows these Hikers to be worn over PolyPro Leggings, Hot Legs or a Thermaflex Long John.
Non stretchy back panel now gives extra back support.


*Please note: The product may differ slightly from the image shown. We are constantly analysing and developing our products with the aim to deliver the best fit and functionality. This may result in the product you receive being different in fit and shape.*   

Use Wear Protection shorts to give you the right amount of grip and slip and prevent wear of the batten pockets from an abrasive deck - see related items for product details and size chart.

We recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and allowing to air dry.


The size chart is a guide for your particular build, where there is a choice between two sizes it is better to opt for the smaller size as these will give less movement between you and the boat.

Sizes are numerical and may span a number of heights or weights.

  • Metric
  • Imperial
Small/ Slim Build001122/32/333/4
Regular/ Medium Build0012/333/43/445
Larger Build1123/445/65/65/66

3/4 Classic Hiking Shorts 4/3 mm

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