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Rooster toestraps use a unique rubber compound that has a very high coefficeint of friction, whilst also being light and durable. Our new Pro Plus Range has this rubber added to the bottom of our padded toestrap.  Rooster Pro Plus Padded straps are super grippy with any make of boot - but they work specially well with our range of Rooster boots.

The toestrap is suitable for the Optimist Class.

Toestrap Properties

Number of Toestraps 2 no.
Suitable for classes Optimist
Overall Length 970 mm
Width 80 mm
Thickness 11 mm
Padded Yes
Lifters 1 no.
End Construction Common Eye/Screw
The Pro Plus toestrap end construction detail

Optimist Pro Padded Toestraps

SKU: 104806
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